Year 7 Cognitive ability testing (CAT)

Dear parents and carers,

After half term, all Year 7 students will be undertaking the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT). This will help us assess what a student’s needs are and how best we help them learn and achieve.

CAT is made up of a series of short tests which assess a student’s reasoning (thinking) abilities in key areas that support educational development and academic attainment. No preparation is necessary; it is important that students are not anxious as no pre-learning or knowledge is needed to complete the tests. The results have many uses such as helping with lesson planning and differentiation, the setting of challenge targets and identification of gifted students.

Students will undertake three, 45 minute tests all of which are administered on computers. This will be during their computing lessons starting Monday 9th November. After the assessments are finished we will be in touch again with the results.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the College either by phone or by email: cankers@bideford.devon.sch.uk

With best wishes

Dr Claire Ankers: Assistant principal: curriculum and assessment