Year 7 Adventure Challenge

*All school trips and activities are subject to the latest government guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

At Bideford College we aim for children to be happy, responsible and successful young people; adventure learning plays an important part in achieving this aim.

Residential Tour

Purpose of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge

The Year 7 Adventure Challenge is an essential part of our transition work and takes place in the first term for all Year 7 students. Students will attend in their tutor groups and will be accompanied by their tutor, head of house, house captains and other key members of staff. The Year 7 Adventure Challenge will take place over two days and one night.

The key aims of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge are:
· To get to know staff and other students from your tutor group
· To develop the learning skills necessary for secondary education
· To develop a responsible and respectful attitude towards others

For many students, the transition from primary to secondary school can be a challenge. It is vital that students understand from day one the support systems that are in place for them and who they can go to in times of need. Getting to know their tutor, heads of house, house captains and other key members of staff is a key objective of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge. The Year 7 Adventure Challenge experience allows students to develop those all-important relationships which will help to support them over the rest of their time at Bideford College.







An equally important objective is to instil in students the learning skills that they will need to be successful learners at Bideford College. Whilst on the Year 7 Adventure Challenge we expect all students to:

– Develop their listening skills
– Be respectful of others at all times
– Work effectively as a team
– Use initiative to work independently
– Develop their resilience and self-confidence
– Learn the importance of time keeping and punctuality







The final objective of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge is to ensure that students are able to be responsible members of their school community; this includes developing a house identity, how we listen to others, how we accept leadership responsibility and the importance of supporting the other members of our team.

Structure of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge

Each tutor group will spend two days and one night taking part in the Year 7 Adventure Challenge during either late September or early October. The first day will be spent at school taking part in a range of team building activities. In the afternoon the tutor group will travel down to Bachelor’s Hall, an outdoor centre run by the Athena Learning Trust on Dartmoor, near Princetown where they will be staying overnight. The next day will consist of completing team-based challenges, embarking on a challenging journey across Dartmoor as a group and taking part in an adventurous activity.

Students will be expected to:
• Plan and prepare for their journey across Dartmoor.
• Work independently and as part of a team.
• Contribute towards the catering experiences.
• Reflect on their experiences and make a presentation to the group back in school during IAG.










Bachelor’s Hall

Bachelors Hall is situated on the outskirts of Princetown, in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park. The Centre lies in a tranquil, secluded valley with easy access to the open moor. The accommodation is divided into two large dormitories, two medium sized dormitories and two smaller bedrooms.






Bachelors Hall – Booking System
Bachelors Hall Brochure – PDF


Kit List

Top tips:

* Label all clothing
* Tie laces together so boots don’t get separated
* Include a bin bag to bring back wet and muddy clothes
* Keep kit to a minimum- it is only one night!
* Overnight bag- as small as possible. Your child will not see this bag until the evening as it will be transported separately
* Day bag- to include a drink, lunch, any medication, a coat, pen or pencil.

Kit List – PDF download

Key dates

On-line permission/ medical form to be completed –  Wednesday 15 September 2021

Payment due – Wednesday 22 September 2021

*please note payment will be taken via ‘parent pay’ which will be set up when you child starts in September*


How much?

£46; which covers transport, accommodation, the evening meal, breakfast, lunch on day 2 and snacks and the instructors for the adventurous activity.

*financial support is available – please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s tutor*

Key documents (download links)

Kit list


Key contacts

Head of House – Mr Skinner

Head of House – Mrs Luke

Head of House – Mr Cope

Head of House – Mr Munro

Head of House – Mr Gibbins

Adventure Learning Instructor – Mrs Stapleford

Assistant Principal – Mrs Jewell

Please follow this link for staff contact details.


Exemplar Itinerary

*example– exact timings to be confirmed *

DAY 1: 08:45– 9:30 Arrive at Bideford College at normal school times. Register with your tutor and organise kit.

09:30 Depart Bideford College (90-minute journey)

11:00 Arrive in Princetown and walk to Bachelor’s Hall

11:30 Arrive at Bachelor’s Hall

11:30– 12:30 Introduction/unload kit/lunch/ get kitted up for the activities

12:30– 17:30 Adventurous journey across Dartmoor including team building challenges and outdoor adventurous activities

17:30-18:30 Shower/prep dinner

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Evening entertainment led by House Captains. Marshmallows around the campfire

21:00 Read a book/board games/hot chocolate

21:30 Bedtime

DAY 2:

07:00 Wake up and get dressed

07:30-08:00 Breakfast – toast and cereal

08:00– 08:30 Make packed lunches

08:30-09:00 Pack up and clean rooms

09:00– 10:00 Team building activities

10:00 Break

10:30 Walk to Princetown

11:00 Load onto coach and depart Princetown

12:30 Arrive back at Bideford College and unload the bus

13:00—13:30 Lunch

13:30– 15:00 Presentations



The best bit of the Year 7 Adventure Challenge was the zip zap zip game.

~ Emily Brookes (Hepworth)


On the Year 7 Adventure Challenge I really enjoyed that we were encouraged to stretch our limits to prove what we could really do, and not what our brains told us we could.

~ Daisy Williams (Brunel)


I really liked the Year 7 Adventure Challenge.  I wasn’t with any of my friends but I made new friends with the people in my room which was good.

~ Emily Burgess (Hepworth)


Going on the Year 7 Adventure Challenge was fantastic fun, I got to make new friends, try new activities and be outside a lot more than I would usually am. You never have to worry about being homesick as your always busy!

I made lots of new friends there and doing the activities with them was so much fun! I would definitely go back if I could as it’s a once in a life time opportunity and it’s a bonus to be able to get to know new people in your house and tutor group!

The big walk was very tiring but was nice to know that by the end of it I could go home and tell my parents I walked 9 miles without moaning! It was nice to feel independent when it came to making our own dinner and doing the dishes.

~ Alison Wright (Farwell)


The activities involved in this Year 7 Adventure Challenge are extremely fun!! There is river crossing practice (which is everyone’s favourite) where everyone gets the chance to practice setting up a Tyrolean crossing. For the final activity you and your group will start a walk across Dartmoor with all the equipment to build the Tyrolean crossing you will be riding. This will bring you closer to your friends and your teachers as it helps you to work as part of a team and also helps you overcome any fears you may have, or at least try to.


Some people will say there won’t be any or much of a challenge but believe me there is! Once you have completed them or at least given them a try, you will be very proud of what you have managed to achieve which will increase your confident in yourself. I found building our Tyrolean crossing a challenge as I was worried if I didn’t do it right it could impact the rest of the team if it failed, or that others may laugh at me. But I pushed myself and told myself I could to it and as a team we supported each other. I was so proud of my team!


Before leaving the school, I was very excited but very nervous because I was not very good at eating food away from home. This made me wonder if I would be able to cope being away from home on the Year 7 Adventure Challenge and if it would affect the activities we had do to. However, as we arrived me and my friends were laughing and joking with each other, talking about all the cool things we would be doing. The nerves, although still there, had eased a little bit. Sitting in for a briefing of what we’d be doing over the few days we were there, being shown where we would be sleeping, and having the chance to speak with our house leaders calmed me even more. By teatime, I was that relaxed I managed to eat, I didn’t even think about it.


I arrived home, feeling happy and just talking and talking about all the fun things we did and all the new things I learnt. It even inspired me to join the sea cadets outside of school. The Year 7 Adventure Challenge has helped me so much, I’ve learnt that you can work on your own, but it is also great to work as a team and to listen to others opinions and ideas. The 48 hour challenge helps each individual in so many different ways.

~ Jayden Cook (Farwell)


The things I liked most about the Year 7 Adventure Challenge was being with my friends doing the activities. The food was amazing. I think the most challenging thing for me was getting ready in the morning on time. I can’t remember how far i walked but it was mostly fun and the view was amazing and definitely worth it! At first I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know what it was going to be like but I went anyway and really enjoyed it.

~Jasmine Nicholson (Farwell)


*All school trips and activities are subject to the latest government guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.