As you may know, we got to the final, qualifying at 63rd place out of the 175 cars that entered. We left the college at 5:00 on the day before the race and stayed at a village hall 10 minutes from Goodwood. The following morning we quickly got down to the track, got the scrutineering done, and started practising. This time, we changed most of the drivers to let other people, who are usually on the pits, have a go driving.

At 1:00, Ross and Reece were at the start line, ready to begin the race. And we were off!

After the first 10 minutes we managed to climb a whole 10 places from our original position, and after one hour, we climbed to a brilliant 32nd! A whole 31 places in front of where we stared. But just our luck, we had a puncture…

As it was on the inner-tube Ashley fitted a new one onto the wheel and we pumped up the wheel. We were off once again! But soon after, the car came back with the same tyre flat! We then removed the wheel, to see what the problem was. Turns out we forgot to put the valve into the new inner-tube! And now we had dropped down to 70th! But our troubles kept on coming as then the wires on the next set of battery’s snapped.

Quickly, the car was out again, after 1 hour in the pits! The flag was put out and we finished 60th, higher than our normal position, yet disappointed how we could have got to 15th if we continued to keep up our constant speed and good work. Overall it was a great day and brilliant end to the season, and we were very grateful we reached the final in the first year! We will continue racing next year and will hope to get to the final!