Update for Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to write as we approach a new working week to thank you for everything you are doing to support your children and the college in trying to maintain the education of our young people during this period of closure. I appreciate that this presents itself with many challenges. You will have read in the letter from Dr Butt earlier in the week that we are changing the strategy by which we are setting work in order to try and address some of these. I do want to stress though we do not expect parents to act as teachers, and families should do their best to support and help children with their learning whilst at home. Please contact your child’s teacher or tutor if there is anything we can do to help you with this. We will be sending home a survey at the end of this week so we can continue to evaluate what the college is doing and the support we are putting in place during this period of closure. Can I also stress that students should also be trying their best with the work that is being set. If they find the work too hard to do fully or run out of time to complete it then they should not worry. They certainly shouldn’t be spending any more time on school work than they would do during a normal college day. The most important thing at this time is that we all keep safe and healthy.

You will have probably picked up from the media today that there are reports of schools opening next month. At this time we have received no official guidance from the Department of Education about when or how schools will reopen. In fact in today’s release to schools the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has stated that ‘schools will remain closed until the scientific advice changes’. He also announced that there will also be a number of packages made available to parents and schools to help support implementing remote learning. We will of course share with you the details of these when we have them.


As soon as I have any updates of when the college will open I will be in touch. In the meantime please continue to stay connected to the college by following our Facebook page and encouraging students to check their emails and Class Charts account regularly.

Sending very best wishes to you and your families

Dr Ankers


Bideford College