Uniform & Equipment

It is important that students wear their uniform correctly and with pride at all times. All students will have full access to the PE changing rooms and should wear full school uniform to and from college every day and bring PE kit with them when necessary. Outer garments, including hoodies, will need to be removed when inside the building and plain black, v neck jumpers can be worn if an additional layer is needed. Extreme hair styles or unnatural colouring, facial piercings or unnatural coloured or false nails are not permitted. Please ensure students have the following items to be worn daily at college;


* Black jacket/blazer with Bideford College logo.
* A formal plain white shirt/long sleeved/short sleeved – with top button. These must be long enough to be tucked in at all times.
* A tie – which will have house coloured stripe.
* Black tailored trousers or black straight/pleated skirt (no stretchy material).
* V-neck black jumper (optional) to be worn under the jacket/blazer.
* Shoes and trainers, must be plain black leather or leather look, with a flat heel. Any laces must be black.
* Plain black/grey or white socks to be worn with trousers or skirts. Alternatively, plain black or flesh coloured tights may be worn with the skirt.


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To avoid any confusion as to which shoes are acceptable, please use the following chart as guidance.

NB: Shoes/trainers must be plain black, with a flat heel. Non-leather trainers, despite being all black will not be accepted. Boots (including ankle boots), canvas shoes, open-toed shoes, pumps and sling-backs will also not be accepted.

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PE Kit

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How can you purchase the uniform?

Please click this link to be taken to the College uniform and PE kit suppliers online shop.

Skirts and Trousers

These can be purchased from any supplier. However, items NOT purchased from the College must be indistinguishable from the standard school skirts and trousers.

Boy/Girl – Trousers Skirts- pleated/straight
Waist measurement 25” to 42” Waist measurement 22” to 38”
Inside leg measurement 26” to 36” Knee Length 18” to 24”


NB: All skirts must be an appropriate length – knee length. Skirts which are deemed to be too short – will not be acceptable. Trousers must also be long enough to sit on the top of shoes and not be ankle length.

Approved Suppliers


We recommend you buy the uniform through the College supplier to ensure that these meet the College expectations and to avoid an item of uniform not meeting requirements.   However, these items can also be purchased from alternate suppliers, should you wish to do so.


A watch is permitted. No rings, bracelets or necklaces are allowed. For pierced ears one small studs or sleepers (gold or silver in colour) in each ear; Studs in noses or any other part of the face are not allowed.


Hair must be of natural colour. If the hair is below shoulder length then it should be tied back for all practical lessons or where health and safety require it.
Shaving of any part of the head is not accepted, nor is the use of gel allowed to create unusual styles.

Make up

Coloured nail varnish is not permitted in school. Gel or acrylic nails or shellac polish are also not permitted. Light make up may be worn to give a natural look. Excessive make up will be removed.


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