Transition update from Mrs. Jewell

I have now spoken to all of your teachers to find out a little more about you; what you are good at, what you need help with and what kind of personality you have. It was wonderful to hear so many really positive things about you all and I look forward to working with each one of you.

Transition will be very different this year but I don’t want anyone to worry. I will be sending your Year 6 teachers some short information clips about life at Bideford College covering everything from where the toilets are to what you can have for lunch, what equipment you need to bring and what uniform you will need to wear. Your teacher will be putting these clips on the online portal that they use for your home learning and they will also be on the Bideford College website. If you return to school I will be providing your teachers with some resources so they can help you get ready for the transition to Bideford College and I hope I can visit you in your classrooms to meet you. If you are not going back to school, for whatever reason, I will make sure these resources are available online too.

Over the coming weeks we will be allocating you to a House and a tutor group. Your teachers have told us who you work best with so we will endeavour to keep you with those people and in the same House as any siblings you may already have at the College.

I hope you are all keeping safe and continuing to engage with the work that your teachers are asking you to complete. As I said in my letter a few weeks ago, focus on your spelling and your times tables, make sure you are reading every day and keeping your brain active. The most important thing is to be kind and helpful to your family and friends.

If you have any questions at all you can email me directly ajewell@bidefordcollege.org

A Jewell

Assistant Principal – Key Stage 4 and Designated Safeguarding Lead