The Bideford College Reading Canon

The Bideford College Reading Canon is a list of texts we would like all of our students to have read during the time they are with us. Engaging with the books in our canon begins in Year 7 and continues through Years 8 and 9, right the way into the Sixth Form.

During tutor time, tutors will read some of these books with their classes, discussing issues and ideas as they arise. As well as choosing books that are simply fantastic, we have also chosen these books really carefully to make sure that reading and talking about them helps our students to develop their vocabulary and knowledge. It was important for us to also ensure that different cultures and perspectives are properly represented.

Reading such books will increase the opportunities available to our students as well as adding to their own personal development and character. Reading these texts also allows us to ‘travel’ – to look beyond our own viewpoints and better understand the perspectives, values, behaviour and experiences of others.

The canon also has a wider selection that extends to books we will not necessarily have time to read with our students, but which we strongly recommend that they try to read. For this reason there are additional rewards for students who manage to work their way through some of the best fiction and non-fiction that has ever been published.

Please ask your child about the book that they are reading (or even choose one of the others from the canon and read it together)!