The Bideford College Insider

Launched in May 2020, The Bideford College Insider is our college newspaper and it is currently published twice a term. Covering a range of topics from discussions on current affairs to more light-hearted subject matter such as music and cooking, it is a great read and provides an ideal platform for our students to share their thoughts and interests with the wider college community. We welcome students from all year groups and of all abilities who would like to get involved and are always on the lookout for reporters, photographers and illustrators to create fresh new content for our publication. If you would like to join our news team please e-mail news@bidefordcollege.org.

The Bideford College Insider Newspaper Team

Anne Balkwill (8LC)

Summer Ford (SF)

Teri Fowler (11EP)

Megan Hare (SF)

Ellie Newman (7DT)

Peter Rowe (10JS)

Aimee Taylor (7MA)

Leah Thorne (10EH)

Back Issues

The Bideford College Insider issues that have been published to date can be downloaded by clicking on the respective thumbnails below.

The Bideford College Insider Issue 1 – May 2020

Our news team have worked tirelessly on a range of articles, posters and illustrations for our very first edition of our college newspaper. From the extreme disruption to our daily lives, to the more positive effects of being in lockdown, this issue examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our college community and the wider population. Please click on the image below to download Issue 1 in PDF format.

The Bideford College Insider Issue 2 – July 2020

In this issue we have some thought-provoking and insightful articles commenting on current affairs, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the plight facing the people of Yemen. In addition, our cover story gives a first-hand account of what the return to school after lockdown has been like for a Year 10 student. To read these and all the other great articles featured on our pages, please click on the image below to download Issue 2 in PDF format.

The Bideford College Insider Issue 3 – November 2020

We have been thrilled to welcome a large number of new Year 7 students to our newspaper team, and they have made some fantastic contributions to this issue. Also included in issue three, a hard-hitting article on Global Warming and a beautifully written exposition of Feminism, alongside some wonderful creative writing and beautiful artwork.  In addition, we have introduced a new section to our newspaper: ‘Fab Facts and Funnies’. We hope you enjoy our latest issue, which you can download in PDF format by clicking on the image below.

The Bideford College Insider Issue 4 – March 2021

One of the best things about our college newspaper is that it really gives a flavour of the diversity and individuality found within our college community. Have a read through its pages and, in addition to some powerful art on the front cover by Summer Ford, you will find some wonderful articles on mental health and wellness by Megan Hare and Ellie Newman, while Anne Balkwill describes the challenges she faced during the third lockdown. Also in this issue: a topical account of the Capitol riots, by Leah Thorne; a Greek Fact File, by Aimee Taylor; another fabulous comic strip by Peter Rowe and a brief history of Barbie, by Teri Fowler. We hope you enjoy another fantastic issue of the Bideford College Insider, which you can download in PDF format by clicking on the image below.

The Bideford College Insider Issue 5 – July 2021

Embracing a range of topics and writers, this issue retains a continuous theme of ‘working together’ with the articles provided for you by the talented students of Bideford College.  From our front page story on the G7 Summit, with world leaders working together to solve the major problems of our age, right down to the collaboration of assisting a lost homing pigeon, there’s bound to be something that grabs your interest in this issue.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it!

The Bideford College Insider Issue  – January 2022

There’s been a lot of change in all of our lives lately.  Whilst we are now doing some things differently because of Covid, other things have been put on hold.  Nature, by contrast, moves the seasons on regardless and this is the focus of our lead article this issue.  The theme of ‘change’ can be seen in most of our contributions, whether it be trying something new to challenge yourself or cheer you up, or calling for a change in attitudes.  We’ve got favourites such as the ‘Spotlight on’ and recipe, as well as some new features including book and song reviews, and a new puzzle page.  There’s something for everyone, so please click on the thumbnail below to enjoy reading our latest edition.