Policy Updates and Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we look forward to welcoming year 10 and 12 students back from next week there is some important information that I need to communicate to parents in order for things to run as smoothly as possible.

I have attached the operational social distancing policy that outlines the measures that we have taken and the protocols and processes we will be following in college for the foreseeable future. It has been written following the most up to date government guidance and will be reviewed on a regular basis. You can also find this on the website here; https://bidefordcollege.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/COVID-19-Operational-Social-Distancing-Policy.pdf

I have also attached the revised visitor policy. This states that no visitors will be allowed on the college site and we urge parents to communicate with staff via email or telephone if issues arise. You can also find this on the website; https://bidefordcollege.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/MAT-Visitor-Policy-updated-2020-with-COVID-appendix-2.pdf. A list of staff email addresses can be found on the college website here; https://bidefordcollege.org/teaching-faculty-contact-details/

With regards to school transport I have been in contact with Devon County Council and school transport has been organised for all students who said they required this provision. If circumstances change and transport needs to be organised or cancelled please email me (ajewell@bidefordcollege.org) and I can liaise directly with Devon County Council to make the changes.

In terms of food provision the canteen will not be open and there are no vending machines currently on site. Students need to bring in a packed lunch from home. If a student does want to order a school packed lunch they will need to place this order with their first teacher of the day during the 15 minute pastoral time. There will be a choice of ham, cheese or chicken mayo sandwich, an apple OR yoghurt and a cake OR crisps. This will cost £2.30 and students must have money in their cashless catering account for this to happen. The lunches will be delivered at breaktime to the space where each bubble is located. No one will be able to enter the dining room or kitchen. If a student who is in receipt of free school meal vouchers orders a packed lunch the money will be deducted from their next free school meals voucher.

Students need to bring a pencil case which contains their own equipment. The college will not be lending pens and pencils and it is important that students do not share their equipment with others.

I look forward to seeing students next week. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


A Jewell

Assistant Principal – Key Stage 4 and Designated Safeguarding Lead

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