Personal Development

Personal Development Opportunities at Bideford College

At Bideford College, we are deeply committed to ensuring our young people become well rounded, socially secure and confident members of the community.  Our broad, rich curriculum offers students superb variety for academic and vocational achievement, to ensure they are well equipped for their future. We welcome all opportunities to support the development of students in every aspect of their lives.

The personal development curriculum has been designed to ensure students are actively taught social skills such as how to articulate and manage their emotions, deal with conflict, solve problems, empathise with the feelings of others and communicate more effectively.  We recognise that developing students social and emotional skills are essential for their growth, well-being and effective learning.  These skills are closely linked to success and positive outcomes in later life and ensure students are well placed to manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

We place great value and importance on the personal development of our students and for this reason, have made weekly timetabled provision for our Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) sessions.  These lessons form a strong backdrop for the bespoke programme of additional support to develop students spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and personal awareness.  The regular timetabled sessions allow students to work closely with Tutors who spend a significant amount of time supporting students pastorally.  Over time, students build up strong and positive relationships with both their Tutor and with other members of the group and are able to express their own views in an atmosphere founded in mutual respect.  These sessions are carefully mapped out over the year to meet students age appropriate needs, relating to all aspects of careers education and personal development.  We have outlined our programme of coverage for aspects of the newly structured Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) and Careers Education for parents and carers to view.  The overviews can be found under curriculum, personal development and Key Stage 3 and 4 Overviews, alongside the career development plans.

Further opportunities to embed the personal development curriculum are sought through afternoon Tutor time sessions and through our Focus of the Week reflection with Tutors.  These are designed to carefully reflect the current, age appropriate needs of our students.  The focus areas are also timed to fit significant calendared events and to mark the celebration and commemoration of these, allowing students reflection time for local, national and global issues.

Our comprehensive assembly plan, led by Heads of House or the Academy Leadership Team are currently being delivered via presentation in Tutor Groups.  This is due to the limitations to large groups meeting together.  Our College and Leadership Team assemblies are also designed to support and complement the personal development programme.  They cover relevant and pertinent school-based issues such as tolerance, diversity and safety.


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