Personal Development Programme KS4

Bideford College Curriculum Outline for Key Stage 4

Autumn Term 1

Topic OutlineOutcome - Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Drugs, Smoking and Vaping
2. Money Management
3. Responsible Health
4. Careers: Teamwork Skills
5. Human Rights: Education
6. Post 16 options

1. Understand the different types of drugs and the effects they have on the body.
2. Money Management, identifying relevant ways of managing financial accounts and comparing these.
3. To understand the importance of exercise and diet to be fit and achieve a healthy lifestyle
4. Careers: Developing teamwork skills. Recognising issues connected to working as part of a team and how to overcome these.
5. Human Rights: Exploring education as a right and those who are unable to access education.
6. Planning ahead and looking at Post 16 options including Bideford College Sixth Form, Petroc, Apprenticeships and Employment
Year 11
1. Body image and eating disorders
2. Physical Relationships, Contraception and Abstinence
3. Mental Health: Selfie obsessed

1. Identifying eating disorders and their symptoms and exploring perceptions of body image and the importance of good mental health.
2. Examining Physical Relationships, with focus on contraception and abstinence. To understand these terms and their significance.
3. Mental Health: Identifying potential issues associated with sharing images. Long- and short-term consequences and the selfie culture.

Autumn Term 2

Topic OutlineOutcome - Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Employment/Employee Rights
2. Decision Making
3. Respect
4. British Values

1. Identifying what employment and employee rights are and how to manage situations which impact rights in the workplace.
2. Exploring decision making including affects and consequences of decision making and considering the impact of making good or bad decisions.
3. To explore personal values, behaviours and respect. Develop an understanding of how to show respect for yourself and others
4. What are British rights? Develop greater understanding of different cultures within Britain. What is it to be British? What are the five British values?
Year 11
1. STI'S and STD's
2. Aspiration
3. Study Skills - Time Management
4. Study Skills - Revision Techniques
5. Mental Health and Managing Stress

1. Exploring STI'S and STD's, identify these and their symptoms and the importance of practicing safe sex in relationships.
2. Developing personal behaviours, what aspiration means and how to achieve full potential, overcoming barriers to personal success.
3. Study Skills: Time Management. Know how to effectively time-manage. Understand the benefits of managing time. Develop own time-management timetable to aid revision/exams.
4. "Study Skills: Understand different types of revision techniques. Understand the most effective revision technique for you and apply this method. Justify your preferred revision techniques "
5. Understand the signs and symptoms of depression. Be aware of the causes of some mental health problems. Reflect upon your own perception of people with mental health problems. To understand what self-esteem is and know how to build self-esteem

Spring Term 1

Topic OutlineOutcome - Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Teen Pregnancy and Parenting
2. Cancer Awareness

1. Identify the issues surrounding teen pregnancy and parenting. Recognising different factors which impact the lives of those affected.
2. Understanding how to check yourselves for cancer, the impact cancer has on mental, emotional and physical health and relationships. The causes and effects of cancer. How cancer can be treated.
Year 11
Revision Program

Revision Program

Spring Term 2

Topic OutlineOutcome - Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Finance: Income and Expenditure
2. Mental Health
1. Understanding the importance of budgeting, how to budget for the future and different ways of managing money.
2. Explore the causes of mental health and the societal stigma surrounding it.
Year 11
Revision Program

Revision Program

Summer Term 1

Topic OutlineOutcome-Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Public Services; How is tax spent?
2. Money Management: Dangers of Loans and Debt
1. Public Services: To develop understanding of how tax is raised and spent locally and Nationally.
2. Money Management: Dangers of Loans and Debt.
Year 11
Personal Revision

Personal Revision

Summer Term 2

Topic OutlineOutcome - Pupils will learn:
Year 10
1. Genocide

1. Explore the main causes of genocide and compare the similarities between case studies and how we can use this knowledge to prevent it in the future.
Year 11
Personal Revision
Personal Revision

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