Parent Connection

What is Parent Connection?

Bideford College is connecting with parents across the school year through a range of formats and venues, offering advice, support and information in keeping your child happy and on track.

These sessions are designed to give you more information surrounding key points in your child’s journey through Bideford College.

We realise that the changing nature of education can be confusing. Parent Connection sessions offer an informal environment in which to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of how we work.

We really do hope that you will be able to attend any relevant sessions, hopefully you will feel that you are not alone and have a little more knowledge than before.

Please book your place through the parent evening booking section of the website.

Upcoming Events

Step up to GCSEs

October 9th, 6-7pm

For parents of YR10

GCSE overview
Targets & revision
Aiming high/deep learning/memory
How can I support my child & who can help?
Importance of mocks


Click here to download the resource (PDF)

Keeping up the Progress & Well being

November 22nd, 6-7pm

For parents of YR8

YR8 curriculum
How we assess and report
Aiming high: the 4 B’s
Safeguarding: contact details
Social Media & e-safety
Pastoral support


Click here to download resource 1 (PDF)

Click here to download resource 2 (PDF)

Summer exams…don’t panic!

January 17th, 6-8pm

For parents of YR11: presentation and workshops

What should my child actually be doing?
Revision ideas
Managing anxiety
Available support
Expectations for exams


Choices, choices, choices…

February 28th, 6-7pm

For parents of YR9

Looking ahead to GCSEs
Aiming high
Options overview
Study support
How we assess and report progress


My child needs some extra support

23rd May, 6-7pm

For parents of SEN students or those who need a little more help

How can I help my child at home?
Differentiated ELTs
Homework support
Moving into a new timetable
SEN input


Moving on up

June 20th, 6-7pm

For parents of YR7

KS3 curriculum/hwk
New timetables
Grouping of students
Supporting your child’s learning
Aiming high
Resilience: the 4 B’s
How we assess and report progress


My Child Needs Some Extra Support

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