Parent Connection

What is Parent Connection?

Bideford College is connecting with parents across the school year through a range of formats and venues, offering advice, support and information in keeping your child happy and on track.

These sessions are designed to give you more information surrounding key points in your child’s journey through Bideford College.

We realise that the changing nature of education can be confusing. Parent Connection sessions offer an informal environment in which to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of how we work.

We really do hope that you will be able to attend any relevant sessions, hopefully you will feel that you are not alone and have a little more knowledge than before.

Please book your place through the parent evening booking section of the website.

Upcoming Events

Year 7 SEND Parent Connect meeting 29th October 2019 4-5pm

Our year 7 SEND Parent Connect meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th October 2019 4-5pm . The evening will consist of a short talk by Mrs Vowles introducing the support provided by the SEND department here at Bideford College. The remainder of the evening will be very informal and an opportunity for parents of children with SEND to visit our SEND base and garden area.

A LEGO therapy session will be running that your child may access whilst you have the opportunity to informally meet with key members of staff, other parents and access information about outside agencies and support groups.

When you arrive please come to the main reception area and we will take you through.

Refreshments will be available and any staff wishing to attend are more than welcome to pop in.

We look forward to meeting you then.

My Child Needs Some Extra Support

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