Nepalese Teachers Visit

On Wednesday 17 September, Five Nepalese teachers came to Bideford College to speak with our students about their life and the recent earthquake. The teachers are here visiting Devon and on an exchange with 3 schools; Bideford College, Braunton College and South Molton College in a partnership through connecting classrooms and the British Council. The teachers provided the school with a token of love (souvenirs from Nepal) for the school and the teachers involved in the exchange. Miss Hockin, the lead teacher in the exchange programme, took the visitors with Dr Ankers around the College for a tour and they dropped into lessons to speak with students and see the difference between classrooms here in the Uk and in Nepal. The teachers then taught a lesson on life in Nepal and the effects of the recent earthquake. The students asked some fantastic questions to find out more. After this, a range of Key Stage 3 and Year 13 students were involved in a question and answer session with the Nepalese teachers and Miss Hockin to learn about the differences in culture. The day finished with Miss Hockin and Miss James taking the visitors on a tour around Bideford and trying a famous Devonshire cream tea! The day was a great opportunity for students and teachers alike.

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