National MFL Pop Video Competition 2016 – VOTE NOW!

We are very excited this week as we have just found out that all three of our entrants to the 2016 National MFL Pop Video Competition have been shortlisted! Congratulations to Harriet and Zoe (Year 7), Zsofia and Nell (Year 7) and András (Year 9).

You can view all 42 shortlisted video entries on the YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/RiLSouthWest, but look out for:

Never Alone by Harriett and Zoe
Eine Freunde für all Jahrezeit by Szofia and Nell
Warum ist Englisch so umgekehrt? by Andras

To vote for our entries, please click the following link. Our entries are numbers 21, 29 and 31:


The voting will close on Sunday 19 June at 9pm.