Maintaining the momentum – tasks for the summer holidays

The period of the lockdown has meant that many parents, carers and other family members have ended up revisiting school work themselves, as they help out the children in their families with the remote learning that has been set. At Bideford College we know that this kind of involvement is invaluable and so we want to thank you for all that you have been doing to support this.

Of course, we want our students to have a restful break from school over the summer. However, we also recognise that some students can run out of things to do over the duration of the holiday.

To help ‘maintain the momentum’ over the summer break, and also help students prepare for the new school year, the teachers at Bideford College have put together a series of tasks that students could complete either alone, or with a family member, arranged for each year group’s transition as they move up to the next year group.

These tasks or challenges are not compulsory but they will contribute to a students’ knowledge, skills and abilities in the subjects that they study. It would be great if students could take a look at these and have a go at as many as they can.

We hope you find them interesting, useful and perhaps even fun!

Maintaining  the Momentum 7-8

Maintaining the Momentum 8-9

Maintaining the Momentum 9-10

Maintaining the Momentum 10-11