Letter to year 10 Parents

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you and your families are safe and well.  As we prepare for some of our Year 10 students to return for some sessions it is imperative that we have clear behaviour expectations in order to keep both our students and staff safe.  Please could you spend some time going through this information with your son/daughter.

The following guidance is alongside the updated MAT Behaviour Policy and the Code of Conduct which can be found at;


Code of Conduct

  • All students attending school will sign a Code of Conduct.
  • A paper copy will be given to students in their first session on their first day.  This will be read to them by ALT/HOH and signed by the student and handed in.
  • Any student who refuses to sign the Code of Conduct will be sent home.


Expectations in Lessons

The Code of Conduct works alongside our normal Behaviour Policy.  The expectations of student behaviour in class has not changed;

  • Enter the classroom when directed by a member of staff
  • Sit silently whilst the register is being taken
  • Listen in silence whilst the member of staff leading the session speaks.  Students should have nothing in your hands and be facing the speaker.
  • Raise their hands to ask a question without calling out
  • Work exceptionally hard without disrupting any other student’s learning
  • Follow the instructions of the member of staff
  • To be polite to staff and students
  • Do not eat or chew gum
  • If they have a mobile phone it should be turned off and away in all sessions


What happens if these expectations are not followed?

  • The students name will be written on the whiteboard – this is a formal warning that they have not met the expectations of a lesson
  • The teacher will briefly explain why their name has been written on the board
  • If the student fails to meet any expectations a second time they will be picked up by a member of ALT who will call home and the student will be sent home.
  • They will be given a fresh start the following week, but if this happens a second time the student will not be allowed to return until further notice.


I really appreciate your support with ensuring that everyone is safe.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at rvowles@bidefordcollege.org

Mrs Rachel Vowles

Assistant Principal – Student support/SENDCo

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