Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today marks the end of a very busy half term. It has been particularly challenging for our exam students who have been working hard with their teachers to produce evidence that will be used in the awarding of their qualifications this summer. This cohort of students (like the ones before them) have had to experience months of uncertainty around their final period at Bideford College and what this may mean for their next steps in education or employment. I am incredibly proud of the way in which the students of Bideford College have demonstrated resilience and maturity during this period. They are an absolute credit to their families and I have no doubt they will all go on to make a massive contribution to society. I am also very grateful for the way in which the teaching staff at the college have adapted to their teaching and assessment plans to accommodate the cancelling of exams. This has led to a significant increase in their workload, yet they have demonstrated absolute professionalism to make sure their students are awarded the grades they deserve fairly. This week saw the college celebrate the end of Year 11 and 13’s time at the college with BBQs and farewell assemblies as their formal timetabled lessons draw to a close. Whilst we still hope to proceed with Proms at the end of the term it is timely to wish all our leavers every success in the future.

Elsewhere in the college students have also been working hard and contributing positively to college life. This can be seen from the number of House Points that have been awarded since returning to college after the Easter holidays. Congratulations go to Arthur House who have collectively gained the most points this term. However, the difference between all the Houses is small so there is everything to play for next half term and the final announcement of the House Cup winner.

The Be Your Best Board outside my office is now brimming full of new nominations from each of the Faculties. It is lovely to see so many students receiving praise from their teachers. All those nominated will have their citations posted home over half term and have been awarded 10 House Points. Well done to them all for the effort they have put in!

As everyday life slowly returns to normal with continued easing of restrictions, we are eagerly anticipating the return of lessons to their curriculum spaces. This is critical for students who have been unable to benefit from the college’s wonderful resources and facilities. Whilst this will not be the case on Monday 7th June, I am hopeful that teaching will take place in specialist classrooms soon. I will of course keep you informed when these changes can take place. It is however, absolutely critical that all students taking part in the COVID-19 testing programme continue to complete their lateral flow tests and results are reported. If during half term any student has a positive test for COVID-19 please email me (principal@bidefordcollege.org) so that I can organise contact tracing.

Finally, as we approach the end of the college year I wanted to give you advance notice that on the last day of term, Friday 23 July, the college day will end at 1.30pm and the buses will depart at this time. If this causes you any problems please let Mrs Jewell know.

Wishing you and your families a relaxing and enjoyable half term.

Dr Ankers