Key Stage Results & Destinations

Key Stage 4

Key Performance Indicators

Number of Pupils in Year 11227
% 9-4 (A*-C standard pass) in English63
% 9-4 (A*-C standard pass) in Maths63.8
% 9-4 (A*-C standard pass) in English and Maths51
% 9-5 (A*-C strong pass) in English44
% 9-5 (A*-C strong pass) in Maths40.72
% 9-5 (A*-C strong pass) in English and Maths30
% 9-7 (A*-A) in English8.6
% 9-7 (A*-A) in Maths17.19
% Entered for EBACC64
% Achieving EBACC (standard pass)27
% Achieving EBACC (strong pass)15
EBACC Average Point Score3.87
Attainment 8 Score41.13
Progress 8 Score-0.03

Biology (%9-4)92
Chemistry (%9-4)89
Physics (%9-4)89
Music (%9-4)80
Art and Design (%9-4)72
Photography (%9-4)68
Mathematics (%9-4)64
English Language (%9-4)58
English Literature (%9-4)57
Geography (%9-4)56
Physical Education (%9-4)56
Drama (%9-4)54
Combined Science (%9-4)54
Spanish (%9-4)50
Food and Nutrition (%9-4)47
History (%9-4)47
Engineering (%9-4)42
Business Studies (%9-4)37
French (%9-4)32
Computer Science  (%9-4 equivalent)31
D&T (%9-4)29

Key Stage 42018-192019-202020-21
4+ in English and Maths51.1%62.88%72.77%
5+ in English and Maths29.52%35.37%43.98%
Attainment 841.1144.8047.93
Progress 8-0.45-0.19-0.02
EBACC Students entered63.89%69.43%62.83%
EBACC APS score3.874.214.41

KS4 Leavers Destinations 2022

6th Form38%
Other General FE College62%

Key Stage 5

Key Performance Indicators

Number of A Level Pupils77
Average Point Score per Entry27.18
Average Point Score as a GradeC-
Average Point Score for best 3 A Levels27.42
Average Point Score for best 3 A Levels as a gradeC-
Number of Academic Pupils77
Average Point Score per Entry27.23
Average Point Score as a GradeC-
Number of Applied General Pupils34
Average Point Score per Entry25.67
Average Point Score as a GradeM
A Level Value Added Score-0.37
Academic Value Added Score-0.37
Applied Value Added Score-0.07
Chemistry (A*-B)60
Further Maths (A*-B)50
Geography (A*-B)44
Extended Project (A*-B)40
English Literature (A*-B)40
Biology (A*-B)38
History (A*-B)33
Music Technology (A*-B)33
Mathematics (A*-B)31
English Language (A*-B)30
Economics (A*-B)29
Physics (A*-B)29
Psychology (A*-B)26
Spanish (A*-B)25
Art and Design (A*-B)11
Photography (A*-B)0
French (A*-B)0
Project Design (A*-B)0
Theatre Studies (A*-B)0
GCSE Resit English Average Progress Made1.5
GCSE Resit Maths Average Progress Made1.6

Key Stage 52018-192019-202020-21
A Level A*-B24%60%53%
A Level A*-E95%100%98%
Average grade of Students (A Level)C-BB
Average grade of Students (Applied General)MD-D
Average grade of Students (Academic)C-BB
Average grade of Students (Tech Level)N/AN/AN/A

Key Stage 5 2018-19A LevelsAcademicApplied GeneralTech Level
77 students77 students34 students0

Key Stage 5 2018-19English ProgressMaths Progress
10 students26 pupils

Key Stage 5 RetentionStudents with results (BTEC/A Levels)Student NumbersRetention %
Class of 2020526087%
Class of 2019808990%
Class of 20188010080%
Class of 20178210082%

KS5 Leavers Destinations 2022

Foundation Degree at Petroc3.6%