Humanities House Competition


The Riddle Challenge has now finished – and it was a very exciting finish as two students went head to head in a tie-breaker! The very worthy winner is Cameron Brown (7RK), who narrowly beat Oliver Ross (9MH). Oliver’s conduct was superb throughout, including being very gracious in defeat. Third place goes to Isabella Hunkin (7RK).

Thank you to everyone who was involved. Feedback from students and parents has been really positive.

The House point totals are as follows:

1st place: Farwell, who got a total of 72 house points (which means 250 bonus house points to Farwell!)

2nd place: Coleridge, who got 31 house points (which means 200 bonus house points!)

3rd place: Hepworth, who got 10 house points (150 bonus house points!)

4th place: Arthur, who got 9 house points (100 bonus house points!)

5th place: Brunel, who got 8 house points (50 bonus house points!)


Riddle Challenge – Rules and Rewards PDF

How to stay safe:

Risk Assessment PDF

Good Luck!