How to Support Your Child’s GCSEs

Please find attached the PowerPoint presentation that we used at the two ‘Supporting Your Child’s GCSE revision’ evenings in May. To support some of these techniques we will be sharing some stationery with our Year 11s to help with their revision, later this week.

You will also find resources from both the evening session we ran in December on ‘How to support your child’s English Literature GCSE’, and further additions from the Spring term that we shared through In-Touch – ‘How to support your child’s Science GCSEs’ and ‘…Maths GCSE’, as well as the ‘…English Language GCSE’ too.

These short video presentations are intended to help parents and other family members to support Year 11 students by telling you a little more about both the format and the content of forthcoming exams. They also offer ideas as to how you can be involved in revision and preparation.

We have recorded these sessions so that you can watch (and even re-watch!) them when it is convenient to you rather than having to come in. The links below will take you directly to the recordings that are hosted on the Loom website. Of course, this means you cannot ask us questions in the same way you might have done at a live event, but Heads of Faculty and, indeed, all teaching staff, would be more than happy to reply to any enquiries you might have. As always, the email addresses of teaching staff can be found on our website here<https://bidefordcollege.org/teaching-faculty-contact-details/>. here.


‘Supporting your child’s GCSE revision’ – click here

‘How to support your child’s Science GCSEs’ – click here

‘How to support your child’s Maths GCSE’ – click here

‘How to support your child’s English Literature GCSE’ – click here

‘How to support your child’s English Language GCSE’ – click here (accompanying PDF here)


Finally, a reminder of the ‘Great Learning Habits’ we encourage all Bideford College students to adopt and use is also in a PDF form here.