Greenpower races at Merryfeild

Last week the Greenpower team took the JRB special to its second race at RNAS Merryfield. It meant another early start and another long journey in the mini bus but we were all awake once we got there!

There were 24 teams entered into this race and we had climed to 13th in the first hour. However just after the hour mark one of our tyres fell off and another one had a puncture. It looked like game over but luckily with some help we managed to fix it and got going again. It did however take around half an hour to fix, setting us back on our laps. With the delays and a battery not being plugged in later on we managed to end up 19th. Not bad considering all the fixing we had to do! The weather this time was better so we were not all completely wet this time though keeping everyone considerably happier!