Google Classroom

Logging on to Google Classroom

The video above details how to ensure you are logged into the correct school account for Google Classroom. Please see below for more details on logging in:

Q: Where Do I Log In?
A: You can log in via the Student Portal, by clicking the Classroom or Drive shortcut respectively.

Q: What Is My Email Address?
A: Your email address is your username +

Example: If your username is 20jsmith, your email address is

Your Google account uses the same email and password as your email address. Once you type in your email address, it will take you to a Microsoft login page, where you will need to enter your email address and email password (see ‘Email Logins’ section above)

Q: What Is My Password?
A: It is the same password you use to login to the computers at school. If you have forgotten it, please contact your tutor

Q: It Says My Password Is Incorrect?
A: Please contact your tutor and request for them to reset your password

Q: Will My Password Expire?
A: Currently, your passwords have been set to not expire

Using Google Classroom

The video above covers the following:

  • Using Google Classroom
  • Joining classes
  • Sharing with the teacher and class
  • Submitting work
  • Explaining Google Meet videos


Using Google Classroom Continued

The video above covers the following:

  • Using Google Classroom as a student
  • Submitting work in more detail

Further Support

Please click here to go to Googles help page for students using Google Classroom. You can also contact your tutor if you are having any issues.

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