Enrichment Week

*All school trips and activities are subject to the latest government guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Enrichment Week Monday 21- Friday 25 March 2022

Year 7 – “Try something new”

Year 7 Enrichment Week is all about trying something new. The Expressive Arts faculty have put together an exciting programme which will give students the opportunity to try out new activities related to the subjects they already study. Our intention is simple: to develop passion and a love of learning beyond the classroom.

Art: Students will have the opportunity to work with the Artist, James Lake, who constructs large scale sculptures from card. James will support the students to create new sculptures which we hope to display in the Winter Garden at Bideford College.




Music: Students will be going beyond the usual music curriculum and have the opportunity to explore music from other cultures and music technology. They will take part in two workshops; Students will learn how to use music technology to record their own music in our music technology studio and compose their own music with the Wren Music Company.

Drama: Students will have the opportunity to observe and critique a performance, before participating in a workshop where they will work on a live production.

Sports Activities: This will be a fun filled competitive experience for all students. A range of sporting activities will be included which students do not currently experience in their curriculum lessons.

Air Extreme: This experience which will allow all students to participate in a 90min structured bounce session. Students will rotate around a carousel of activities while receiving constructive feedback from the specialist qualified coaches.


Year 7 Enrichment Letter

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Year 8 – “Sustainability”
























Year 8 Enrichment Letter

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Year 9 – “Local to me internationally important”

Enrichment Week for year 9s is of particular importance. The year 9s will experience an introduction to key stage 4 study led by the Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages faculties.

These activities and trips are not only of educational value, but also develop and build on the skills taught during the year 7 residential and that will form the foundation of all GCSE courses. Students are provided with a range of residential opportunities during this week. See below the options for 2021:

As part of the college’s Enrichment Week, the Humanities and Modern Foreign Language faculties will be running a ‘Local Environment – Global Significance project’. All students will have the opportunity to explore and investigate local areas of Global significance as well as developing their understanding and knowledge of international cultures. This will include such activities as; environmental sustainability in Bideford, WW2 heritage and archaeology on Northam Burrows, Geography of Northam Burrows and the surrounding area and a modern foreign language project onsite here at Bideford College. The week will conclude with an opportunity for students to present the knowledge and understanding gained throughout the week in a formal, academic setting to members of the Bideford community and college staff.


Year 9 Enrichment Letter

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A little bit closer to home. Details to be confirmed.


Year 10 – work experience

Students in year 10 will undertake a week of work experience in the local community.


Year 11 – preparing for GCSE

Students in year 11 will follow a carefully structured timetable of revision in their core subjects. This is an opportunity for students approaching their GCSE exams to focus on these subjects with the support and guidance of their teachers in a creative yet purposeful way.






Students working in small groups have the opportunity to work with specialised teachers from the core subjects through a series of challenging and engaging sessions focused on key skills and topics in a remote, distraction free setting. ​The exam focused sessions take students through a range of techniques which aim to provide them with confidence when approaching similar questions in exam settings.







*All school trips and activities are subject to the latest government guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.


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