Developments at Bideford College since January 2016

You may recall us talking about 6 areas that we wanted to focus on this term, regarding whole school improvement. These areas are:

  1. Uniform
  2. Behaviour
  3. Pastoral System
  4. Assessment procedures
  5. Residential experiences and extra-curricular opportunities
  6. Applied Learning

The aim of this term was to research the 6 areas, looking at schools and colleges where the practice in these areas has been identified as outstanding- and then look at how we could take these successful systems and put them into our own context – to ensure success at Bideford College.

Parents, staff and students have already been involved in helping us to make decisions in some of the areas mentioned above- meaning we are much further along in the process. Both in the areas of Uniform and Behaviour, schools have been visited, relevant parties surveyed and we have now finalised our decisions, which will become the next steps of the journey of Bideford College to outstanding. Please see the links below for the results of the surveys undertaken regarding the uniform and the decision which has been made, as a result of consultation with students, parents and staff to change the current uniform.  What will follow after the Easter break will be a detailed Implementation Plan outlining how we intend to change the uniform and the appropriate time-lines, which will enable this transition to run smoothly ready for implementation in September 2016. In the area of Behaviour you will be able to see our plans for a new Behaviour System, which will start at the beginning of the new term. We have deliberated greatly about the new system and feel strongly that this will be a powerful tool in ensuring that all classrooms at Bideford College are “disruption free”. This will enable the teachers to teach and the students to learn.

Behaviour Policy Review Document

Uniform Research Group Consultation Document

In the areas of the Pastoral System, Assessment procedures, Residential experiences and extra-curricular opportunities and Applied Learning, we are completing our reviews and proposals of ways in which we feel we could improve upon these areas. We will publish these reviews and proposals on the website after the Easter break. We very much value your input – and would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to read through these documents and, should you feel it appropriate, tell us your thoughts. We will consider all of your comments and then produce a document outlining our decisions as to how we will be progressing further in these areas. It is our aim that these decisions will be implemented in September 2016.

In the meantime I would like to take the opporutnity to wish you all a very Happy Easter.