Our assemblies, which include reflection time, are an important feature of the college curriculum. Not only do they act as one of the main ways students can come together in year groups and houses but they also contribute to developing students into happy, successful and responsible young people.

We live in a time where young people feel besieged by social media, weighed down by pressure and report poor mental health. Collective worship offers fifteen minutes in a week for children to pause and reflect on the big questions life poses. These short but meaningful opportunities allow young people to develop spiritually and gain perspective in what can otherwise be a stressful week.

Themes are chosen carefully to meet the needs of the students. Some assemblies aim to empower students by offering guidance, others are focussed on values and morals and other assemblies celebrate success, diversity, positive mind sets and tenacity.


Focus of the Week

Focus of the week allow students to explore in more detail issues that are relevant and topical within that time frame. These may be school based, community based or national or global themes that students might have questions about and want to talk about. During tutor time and through discussion, the sharing of information from reliable sources, watching video clips and debate, students will have the opportunity to reflect on how they feel about certain situations and how they can contribute to positive solutions, both on an individual and global basis.


DateAssembly ThemeFocus of the Week
6th JanuaryBehaviour for Learning
13th JanuaryIntroduction to ClassCharts
20th JanuaryInternational Day of EducationEveryone has the right to an education
27th JanuaryHolocaust Memorial DayGiving thanks and being grateful
3rd FebruaryReflective Learning DayMental health is as important as physical health
10th FebruarySafer Internet DaySocial media – good or bad?
24th FebruaryHouse CharitiesCharity begins at home
2nd MarchSport ReliefWhy fake news is dangerous
9th MarchPreparing for Enrichment WeekBe kind
25th MarchCelebrating SuccessIs water the most important resource on the planet?